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ATC Incorrect Runways KDEN

Post by JEP795 » Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:27 pm


I experience this issue at several 3rd Party Airports, and one of them happens to be KDEN. Not sure if this is MSFS issue or if it's something that developers are doing incorrectly. If it's the latter, hopefully it can be fixed and you can communicate it amongst the others so that they can address the issue as well, if not maybe raise the issue with Asobo because it becomes difficult when trying to land with 30kt tailwinds :lol:

When getting ready to land or takeoff, I am usually told to land or takeoff from a runway that is downwind rather than upwind. I realized to today that the simulator tells you to taxi to the incorrect runway, but the taxi marker is labeled as the runway you would expect to be taking off from, which leads me to believe there may be an issue where the sim thinks that for example Runway 34L in KDEN is actually Runway 16R. Hence when the wind is coming from the North, it tells you to taxi to runway 16R but the taxi indicator is labeling it as 34L. Today wind was coming from the South. I would've expected to taxi to Runway 16R or 16L, but was sent to 34L. When taxiing, I realized it was labeling 34L as 16R which makes me believe that the sim has the logic reversed somewhere.

I have not experienced it in the default airports, so that's why I'm attributing it to a bug related with the SDK which inadvertently reverses the numbers. I have attached screenshots so you can see what I mean. I have included a screenshot of the ATIS with wind directions as well as the runway I was told to taxi to which would've had a tailwind, but then I also attached a screenshot of Runway 34L being labeled 16R which should've been the runway I taxied to based on the wind direction. Maybe this is why it's sending me to the wrong direction.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.02.21 - (2).png
Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.02.21 - (2).png
Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2021.02.21 - (3).png

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